Overview: Belify Brand Guide Maker

Belify Brand Guide Maker

Consumers look at hundreds of ads and posts every day when scrolling through social media. The chances of you remembering a specific brand and their ad campaign is low. We as a generation have become so fast-paced that even the thought of looking at the same things for an extended period can be seen as a task. To attract the consumer and keep them looking at your post long enough for it to get imprinted, you need to have a strong brand.

A study shows that only 43% of social media users can match an ad or post to a specific brand. The way you design your brand can make all the difference in your retention. This process cannot be done off a whim and requires proper planning. To make your brand the proverbial stop sign on the digital highway, you need a brand guideline maker.

Several options on the internet can be used as per your requirements, but it all boils down to which one is the easiest to use. This article will talk about Belify’s brand guide maker and how it can simplify your process of making a strong brand guideline.

How To Build a Brand Guideline

Several elements can be a part of your brand guideline, but three important things need to be there. First is the logo. This is the face of your brand. A logo is an artwork that people will recognize you by. It has the potential to make a good impression on your retention rate.

The second most important element is brand color because people associate colors with brands directly. The yellow of McDonald’s or the blue of Samsung is all an essential part of the brand. This has been embedded so deep that you cannot even picture these brands in a different color.

Finally comes the fonts. Every brand has its own font style that they use in their marketing collateral. Using the same font for all your communication promotes consistency and, in turn, can improve your brand awareness.

It is simple to make brand guidelines online with several online tools available in the market. A brand guide maker can significantly help you create a guideline, but what is the best option?

How Belify Can Help

Brand guidelines are crucial for any brand that aims to ensure consistency. They set the look and feel of your brand for years to come, which is why abiding by the guideline is critical. All employees working for the brand should be given the brand guidelines so that they can keep a consistent brand style throughout the marketing collateral, including ads and posts.

Making a brand guideline can be time-consuming.

The following are some of the functionalities that Belify offers:

Predefined Template

You no longer need to be a design wizard to create a brand guideline. The Belify Brand Maker offers an easy-to-use plug and play template. Our platform makes for an easy brand guide maker for anyone to use.

Consistency in the Guideline

Try imagining the Coca-Cola logo anything other than red. Weird, isn’t it? That is because brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple, among others, have a consistent look and feel for their brand. People respond well to consistency, and if it is maintained for long enough, it becomes synonymous with the brand (the level every brand wants to reach).

When we take this towards actually building a brand guideline, it is important to ensure that it is consistent. If there is a fixed guideline, your team is always aligned and knows what needs to be done. This eliminates bottlenecks in the workflow, and all employees are aware of all the brand elements that need to be used when making a post or writing a social copy. A brand guideline highlights all the important aspects to all your employees to save time.

Easy Collaboration

Building a brand guide is not the job of one person in the organization. A good brand guideline is built with collaboration. It requires the assistance of brand, marketing, and design teams to create an overall brand guideline. This is then used within the entire organization and followed to maintain consistency.

Belify brand guides can easily be shared with your teams for quick feedback throughout the development process and minimize the communication gap. Collaboration is key to the creation of a better brand style guide. 

Belify brand guides are web-based, making them much easier to access and utilize, allowing you to easily download logos, copy color codes, and view fonts.

The Belify Brand Maker tool is the simplest and easiest solution for any organization seeking to make its brand image consistent.

Wrapping Up

Building a brand guideline is important, but it may not be simple. That’s why we created Belify.

Now, you can create lightweight brand guidelines. It offers you hundreds of fonts and unlimited colors to choose from. Moreover, you can even upload high-resolution images of your logo using this brand guide maker.

Visit Belify today and see how it can help you create a brand guideline that encapsulates your brand’s personality.